Classic Eyelash Extension

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Biotouch Premium Mink Lashes

Eyelash Curls and Eyelash Lengths



Master Artist Khun Arm

Apavadee Kewpaisal

"The best beauty institution in Bangkok...Highly recommended!"

Angelica Saaveedra

"Best training school ever!"

Srisopha Chamruang

"Biotouch Academy, Bangkok has very good service and is very professional!"

Customer Review

"I am in love with my new brows.
Thankyou Biotouch!"

Pricing Plan

Evolution eyelash is a great way to accent your already beautiful eyes and give it the flare & volume it needs without looking too fake. With good care and grooming our eyelashes you won’t experience any major fall out because with our technique and precision your new lashes can last up to 3 weeks. Evolve your lashes with us today !

Hollywood Eyelash Extension


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