Biotouch USA Certified Courses

Biotouch USA Certified Courses

Biotouch Academy Thailand has established its presence since 2012 and is considered the only authorized training facility in South East Asia, providing the comprehensive courses and education for PMU technicians and those who want to start the career of their dream in the region.

After finishing these courses, the student will receive a certification from Biotouch USA when passing all the requirements.

Permanent Makeup for Professional course

Whether you aspire to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable permanent makeup artist offering a wide choice of eyebrows, eyeliner and lip treatments,
or you want to specialise in becoming a master of brows, our flexible, modular training can cater to your goals.

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Our Locations

Biotouch Academy Thailand has expanded its realm in selling products and having authorized facilities in Bangkok, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore. To this date more than 700.000 permanent makeup practitioners around the world have been professionally and successfully trained with Biotouch Methods. 

More about Biotouch Courses

The institute offers one-to-three-day courses from beginning to very advanced level, teaching all aspects of PMU procedures, cosmetics, techniques and applications. It is very important for our students to get  in-depths knowledge about the products and its usage as well as safety and hygienic procedure to ensure the ultimate sanitation for their clients and themselves.

Our Master Instructors

Tida Wiwattada

Managing Director

I am Tida Wiwattada and I am the Managing Director, a Certified PMU Instructor and Specialist!

Phouthon Phanyalin

Master Instructor

I am Phouthon Phanyalin and I am working as a master instructor here at Biotouch Academy Thailand!

Apichart Siriew

Master Instructor

I am Apichart Siriew and I am the Master Instructor here at Biotouch Academy Thailand!

Cindy Chow

Master Instructor

I am Cindy Chow and I am the Master Instructor at Biotouch Academy Thailand!

I am Pitchapat Nawarat Na Ayuttaya and I am the Master Instructor at Biotouch Academy Thailand!