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Feather Touch Eyebrow 3HD/6HD Course

This course is also known as microblading, which is created by thin hair like strokes creating a more natural and real hair growth style.
Learn how to create proportionate stuning eyebrows using both pencil and stencil by using techniques that ensure correct shape, weight and position.

What are Biotouch Certifed Courses?

  • Biotouch USA Certifed Courses

    Biotouch (USA) International Beauty Institute has developed a unique training system, training and certifying more than 100,000 in 40 countries worldwide. It is one of the most recognized and most sought after in the world. Biotouch offers

    - Micropigmentation Full Course ( Technician I )
    - Feather Touch eyebrow 3HD/6HD course (2 Days)
    - Advanced Correction & Camouflage Course (Technician II)
    - Master Feather Touch course

    Biotouch Training Program

    The Biotouch Training Program has become known internationally as the finest available. Indeed, Biotouch has trained over 100,000 technicians worldwide, and even our competitors come to us to learn how to do it the right way.
    Biotouch Thailand was established in 2013 in order to provide technicians in South East Asia with the necessary skills to advance in their careers. We not only cover techniques, but we focus heavily on product knowledge, usage, and safety.

  • Extensive Research

    Biotouch is the only company in the world that extensively does research and produces it's own product that is involved with permanent makeup. What does that mean for technicians and clients? The best and safest result possible.

    FDA Approved and CE Certified

    With any tattooing procedures, there is a risk of infection. it is important to understand the usage of the product and should only be used by properly trained technicians. All Biotouch products are tested safe for use and certified by CE.
  • Guarantee as safe

    Biotouch product are only guaranteed to as safe product as long as the technician follows the instruction and receive proper training. It does not improve the skills of the technician.

    Biotouch Training Program

    But will help improve the result of their work. Skill is up to each individual, but with proper training in preparation and hygiene, technicians will have a solid foundation to build on.

What is Feather Touch Eyebrow 3HD/6HD Course?

Is a course that teaches you how to create realitic eyebrows by using the techniques called 3D and 6D eyebrows microblading.
A technique called "Feather Touch" in which you will achieve natural hairtrokes like feathers.
It creates eyebrow hairstrokes similar to your own eyebrow hairstroke giving your eyebrows dimension.

Everyone can enroll to this course. No matter if you have prior knowlege or not. Even professional technicians who already have experience who want to learn more advanced techniques and want to learn about Biotouch hairstrokes can enroll.

Microblading is becoming very popular nowadays because of its naturalness which blends very well with the real eyebrow hair as if they are not tattooed.
This technique can be done on both women and men. But the design will be different.

This Course Includes:

-The secret of microblading
-Discussions and customer inquiries
-Skin Tone and Skin Undertone
-Color theory techniques
-Techniques in using colors, mixing colors and better color retention
-The technique in creating the most natural looking eyebrow hairstrokes
-Eyebrow design 3HD/6HD techniques
-Techniques for creating advanced eyebrow hairs with Biotouch America techniques
-Drawing and shaping of eyebrows 
-Techniques in designing beautiful and balanced eyebrow shapes
-Advanced eyebrow strokes in order to best suit the customer's face
-Advice giving 
-Tips and Tricks in opening a store. both in Thailand and abroad
-Aftercare and precautions

Students will receive:

- FeatherTouch professional business kit
- Receiving certificate from Biotouch USA
- Class material & all study manual from USA (accpeted all around the world)
- 5% Discount on all merchandise
- Lifelong commitment of Biotouch support
- Free refresher course within 1 year (depending on your time)

Course Information

How many days is this course?

The course comprhensive course is a course of  2 days with 200 h practice and training in which the students will learn in depths knowledge in microblading. Here you will learn how to create thin hair like strokes creating a more natural and real hair growth style.

How much is this course?

This course is 55,000 THB in which you will receive a full set professional business kit.

- Feather Touch design professional kit
- Receiving certificate from Biotouch USA
- Class material & all study manual from USA
- 5% Discount on all merchandise
- Lifelong commitment of Biotouch support
- Free refresher course within 1 year (depending on your time)

Will I become proficient after the course?

If you feel like you need more practice, feel free to book an appointment with us for a free refresher course within 1 year after you finish the course. Here our instructors will go through some theory and practical classes with you.

P.s. Over 90% of Biotouch students are successful after this course.

Certification of Excellence

Certificate of Permanent Makeup Excellence Certified by BIOTOUCH USA

The Biotouch Certificate

The "Biotouch Certificate" has been certified as a standard from the Bureau of California, Postsecondary Private Education (BPPE), CEC 94874 and the Ministry of Education California government USA (Education Department)

High International Standards

The professional certification course in tattoo business (PMU) is of high standards from America.

Conduct Business

This certificate can be used to conduct business in the country and abroad

                             What will you  do each day?

Day 1

Essential Skill Training Class
Color Theory 
Microblading Theory and Practice
On day one you will have an "Essential Training class" in which you will get to learn about us and the courses we teach, the products we use, all about safety, government regulations and international standards. Then you will get into the theory part microblading techniques, its equipment and products. Then you will practice on the practice skin.

Day 2

Microblading Practice
Microblading Model
On day two, you will practice your skills on the practice skin and later on your model as well!

After passing all requirements by the master instructor you will be receiving a temporary certificate of completion. You will be sending us your homework (on practice skin and on your model) which we will send to Biotouch USA to evaluate. If you had passed all that is required you will be receiving a certificate from Biotouch USA.

Our Certified Courses

Micropigmentation Full Course

The course objective is to allow students who never have experienced with permanent makeup training to become familiar with the concept and practical aspect. 
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Permanent Makeup For Professional Course

Whether you aspire to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable permanent makeup artist offering a wide choice of eyebrows, eyeliner and lip treatments,
or you want to specialise in becoming a master of brows, our flexible, modular training can cater to your goals.
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FeatherTouch Eyebrow 3HD/6HD Course

This course is also known as microblading, which is created by thin hair like strokes creating a more natural and real hair growth style.

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Advance Correction and Camouflage Course

Take your micro-pigmentation skills to the next level with Biotouch’s Advanced Workshop.
Learn advanced techniques that reduce procedure time while increasing customer satisfaction.
Master the art of camouflage, full-lip coloration, eyebrow hair strokes, and more.
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Master FeatherTouch Course

This course teaches you high-level microblading taught by our Master Instructors from Biotouch USA. OUr two days advanced training course is designed for those who are ready to challenge themselves.
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Bloodborne Pathogens Course

Bloodborne Pathogens Training Course teaches you safety in work related to Blood and Secretions from Humans.
If the nature of your work involves exposure to blood or touching certain secretions that may cause infection on occasion, you are at risk of harm.
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