Thani Vacharapornsophon Chow

Brand director of SEA

About me

CEO of Biotouch International Beauty Institute in Thailand , Philippines , Vietnam and Singapore
CEO & Instructor of Bloodborne Pathogens & Body Art Training group ( Asia ) that complies with the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard of the USA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Pigment Expert
Product Knowledge Specialist
I am certified in..
Bloodborne Pathogens Training and Infection Control for Body Art Professionals Certification
Rotary Bangkok Certification

More about me

Graduated from California State University; major in Industrial Management
Brand Director of Biotouch SEA from 2013 - Present
CEO of AIM Global - Importing products for CAM supply USA from 2005 - Present
Computer Consultant at AIM Data Service from 1996 - Pressent
Language spoken: Thai and English
I realized that permanent makeup was booming especially in Thailand. In fact, I had been in the body tattooing industry before, importing tattoo supply for Thai tattoo artists. But back then 4-5 years ago, they couldn't find any safe products in the market to do permanent makeup for eyebrows for their clients. So I started to do some researches and was strongly interested in Biotouch's PMU expertise. My mission was to bring in good products in permanent makeup and cosmetics products. I want to improve the image of Thai artists and technicians in permanent makeup and show everyone in the world that Thailand uses safe permanent makeup tattoo products and doing a procedure here is as safe as everywhere else in the world.

Thani Vacharapornsophon Chow
Brand director of SEA

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