Sandra Juengling

Instructor & specialist

About me

Creator of Biotouch ASEAN and BB Glow Bangkok website
Content creator
Instructor and Specialist for BB Glow Bangkok
I am certified in..
Watershine Covered BB Glow Course
Bloodborne Pathogens Course

More about me

Graduated from Bangkok University International majoring in International Tourism Management in 2020
Maketing/Social Media, Instructor and Specialist at Biotouch from 2019 - Present
Language spoken: Thai, English, GermanContact Support.
I had the opportunity to do my internship here at Biotouch International Beauty institute in the Marketing/Social media field, after my internship ended, Khun Tida offered for me work part-time at their company which I immediately said yes to! Besides doing marketing/social media, the company had trained me in BB Glow making me and instructor and specialist which I am super grateful for! I would like to thank Biotouch for this great opportunity and for me to be a member of this very lovely family!

Sandra Juengling
Instructor & specialist

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