Nuttiyaporn Lertprasit

Office Manager & Marketing Assistant

About me

Office Manager and product specialist from 2016 to present
Excellent Service Provider
Customer Service Provider
I am Certified in..
Watershine Covered BB Glow Technician by Pitagui Lee Na Young Academy

More about me

Graduated from Bangkok University International, Major in Entrepreneurship in 2018
Bilingual program - English-Mathematics Sarasas Pittaya School from 2007 - 2012
Managing Director at Seoul Chic Bazaar (Korean-Thai designer) from 2013 - 2016
Language spoken: Thai and English

I am a person that always like science or an explanation to every question I have, in fact I always wanted to be a Brain or skin Doctor when I was young.. I also love being surrounded by people, well I am quite extroverted..! Moreover, I am always super interested in what different industries there is, to gain expertise in a little bit of everything.. I wouldn't claim I love makeup and beauty and that's why I am working with Biotouch.. I am working here because I realized that I can gain so much different knowledge in this company, it is not a big cooperate with a lot of employees so you'll get to learn so much + it feels like a family business which I love. Also to mention is that I get to learn about the skin as well.. so my childhood dream kind of came true..

Nuttiyaporn Lertprasit
Office Manager & Marketing Assistant

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