Cindy Chow

Master Instructor & specialist

About me

I am certified in..
Master Class Thailand PMU Conference 2018
Bloodborne Pathogens Training and Infection Control for Body Art Professional 2016
Biotouch Paramedical Procedure Course 2015
Micropigmentation Biotouch Permanent Makeup Course 2014
Biotouch Micropigmentation Instructor Permanent Makeup Course 2014
Biotouch Micropigmentation Advanced Permanent Makeup Course 2014
Feather Touch Eyebrow Biotouch Permanent Makeup Course 2014

More about me

Graduated from Bangkok University International, Major in Entrepreneurship from 2014 - 2018
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Major in Fashion Merchandise and Marketing Studies from 2012 - 2014
Permanent Makeup Master Instructor from 2014 - Present
Jewelry Merchandiser at Chloe + Isabel Inc. Aug 2012 – Dec 2013
Language spoken: English and Korean
I was always in love with makeup, that is probably something very normal for a lot of woman out there. I m pretty sure they will say the same like me. I thought to myself why not have a career in a field I have passion in..? Permanent makeup was booming as well, so I thought why not try out this field of work.. I got to say that is the best decision I made. Gywneth Paltrow once described her concept of beauty in a very famous quote: “Beauty, to me, is about comfortable in your own skin. That or a kickass red lipstick.” I cannot agree with her more. However, to possess and exude such a relaxed confidence, we must first feel great about ourselves or at least, at how we look. Thanks to today’s technologically advanced makeup products that work perfectly wonders in enhancing our beauty and rejuvenating our appearance. The only drawback? Well, they can’t stay put forever! This is how I thought permanent cosmetics could come into play and become a desirable choice for those who want to save time from traditional makeup routine and achieve a long-lasting beauty results.

Cindy Chow
Master Instructor & specialist

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