Advanced Correction & Camouflage (Technician II)

What is Advanced Correction & Camouflage Course (Technician II)?

Take your micro-pigmentation skills to the next level with Biotouch’s Advanced Workshop. Learn advanced techniques that reduce procedure time while increasing customer satisfaction. Master the art of camouflage, full-lip coloration, eyebrow hair strokes, and more. Student will learn how to fix client’s previous tattoo errors that need correction or camouflaging using Biotouch’s products “Color lift”. This is thus a great opportunity to hone students’ current skills, apply more services for their businesses. This course also, require hands-on practice to complete the course.

This course includes:

  • Permanent Make-up machines
  • Introduction to Advanced PMU techniques
  • Skin & Pigments expert
  • Skin tones & Undertones
  • Color basic & color fading causes
  • Camouflage method
  • Brow color correction & Camouflaging
  • Lip color & shape correction
  • Learn how to safety remove pigment from old tattoo using “Color lift”

Students will receive:

  • Silvera professional business kit
  • Receiving certificate from Biotouch USA
  • Class material & all study manual from USA
  • 5% Discount on all merchandise
  • Lifelong commitment of Biotouch support
  • Free refresher course within 1 year (depending on your time)

Why you should choose Biotouch?

  • We are expertise in teaching permanent makeup for over 30 years
  • Biotouch provides a formal education through our state of the art facility
  • Biotouch meets all requirements with the Los Angeles County Public Health Department
  • We guide technicians through the process to apply for Body Art Practitioner Registration and Facility Health Permit
  • Covered by safety product liability insurance
  • Provides certificates of sterilization as proof of sterile needles safety products indicate lot # and expiration date for protection
  • CE approved machines
  • FDA approved pigment ingredients for cosmetics use
  • Biotouch pigments are made in the USA
  • The highest success rate for pigment retention
  • High ranking instructors teaching the most updated skills
  • Raised hundreds of thousands of successful technicians

How many days is
this course?

This is a 2 days course

How much
is this course?

This course is 55,000 THB

to know

We require all students to bring one model to do a hands-on procedure to complete the course.

**If student choose to take our private class (1 on 1) an additional fee of 20,000 baht is added to the group prices.**

What will you do each day?

Day 1: Morning Session

From 09:30 am - 13:00 PM you will be having an "Essential Training" where you will be learning all about Biotouch's company, the courses we teach, the products we use, all about safety, Government regulation and international standards.

Day 1: Afternoon Session

After the "Essential Training", you will be having lunch for 1 hour. After lunch you will get into the skin anatomy to understand the different layers of the skin, the skin tones and skin undertones what it does and how to work with a certain type of skin. After you will learn about the "Color and Pigment Expert, get to know the different pigments, how to utilize it and what it is made of.

Day 2: Morning/Afternoon Session

You will be learning all our professional Camouflage and Removal techniques with Biotouch's famous product "Color Lift." You will also be working on a model later the afternoon. After finishing this course you will be receiving a certification from Biotouch USA.

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